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Ela is a pure functional language with dynamic (and strong) typing. It provides an extensive support for the functional programming paradigm including but not limited to - first class functions and modules, curried function application, pattern matching, algebraic types, type classes, and much more. It also provides a support for both strict and non-strict evaluation.

The current language implementation is a light-weight and efficient interpreter written fully in C#. The interpreter was designed to be embeddable and has a clear and straightforward API. The language comes with a command line utility (Ela Console) that supports interactive mode and with a graphical development environment (Elide).


Ela can be used to study and teach functional programming, for prototyping, for writing theorem provers, for scripting, as well as for development of applications in a pure functional way. Ela comes with a rich standard library, interactive console and a graphical development environment. Ela also offers a flexible and powerful interface to .NET programming languages, such as C#.

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Code samples in Ela

Sieve of Eratosthenes
primes xs = sieve xs
  where sieve [] = []
        sieve (p::xs) = 
          & p :: sieve [& x \\ x <- xs | x % p > 0]

//Outputs: [2,3,5,7] 
primes [2..10]

Type classes
//Class with a function overloaded by return type
class Pointed a where
  point _->a 

//Instance for a linked list
instance Pointed List where
  point x = [x] 
point 42 ::: List //Outputs: [42]

Birthday paradox solver
birthday x num 
  | y < 0.5 = num + 1
  | else    = birthday y (num + 1)
  where y = (365 - num) / 365 * x

Infinite list filtering
lst = [1,4..]

filter' _ [] = []
filter' p (x::xs) 
  | p x  = & x :: filter' p xs
  | else = filter' p xs    

nlst = filter' (>10) lst

Lazy fix point combinator
fix' f = f (& fix' f)

factabs fact 0 = 1;
factabs fact x = x * fact (x - 1)

res = (fix' factabs) 5

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