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This article provides basic information about Ela Console command line utility, `elac.exe`, which is shipped with Ela and can be used to execute Ela source code files and as an interactive environment.

Ela Console uses a standard application configuration file for settings. If you don't see any, you can create it. The file should be placed in the same directory as Ela Console (`elac.exe` file) and have the name `elac.exe.config`. The structure of the file is pretty straightforward:
   <add key="key name" value="key value" />
You can add multiple keys to the `appSettings` section. In order to learn how Ela Console can be configured, simply lunch it with the `-help` key. You will see a list of command line options - all of these options can be specified via configuration file as well. For example, lunching Ela Console like so: `elac.exe -t` is the same as having the following key in the configuration file:
<add key="t" value="true" />
Normally you might need to provide some settings to Ela linker such as the locations where linker should look for the modules. They can be specified in the following manner:
<add key="ref" value="C:\MyModules\;C:\Ela\Code;C:\Misc" />
You can specify several folders, separated by semicolons. Ela linker will use these folders to look for the modules that are referenced within your code using `open` and `import` statements.
By default linker looks only in the same folder where the executable Ela file is located.

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